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About Shanti Kirtan


Todd Glacy

As a musician and spiritual facilitator I have always found Kirtan to be a most powerful and enjoyable practice for bringing people together in order to share the experience of deep contemplation, co-creative expression, ecstatic celebration and joy.

I was first introduced to Kirtan in the 1990’s and my knowledge/experience of the practice quickly deepened as I was blessed with the experiences of serving as a musical accompanist to many renowned Chant Artists including: Krishna Das, Wah!, Shyamdas, Bhagavan Das, Russill Paul, Gurunam Singh, Irene Solea, Devadas, Shubalananda, Swan Kirtan and many others. 

In 2010 I began writing and leading Kirtan as a member of the popular Portland group Kirtonium! performing at more than100 kirtan events over the next decade and recording/releasing a CD of original chant music in 2019. 

In 2021 SHANTI KIRTAN was formed with my three talented cohorts (Jason, Marni and Helena). I am blessed and honored to be sharing this beautiful practice with people and communities everywhere. 

Shanti Om!  

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Helena Nash

Music is simply and profoundly in my soul! I was born to sing and to connect with the subtle and amazing world of frequencies. Throughout the first 20+ years of my life, I gratefully enjoyed every musical opportunity that came my way, leading up to a college music degree. In 1997 I discovered mantra artists Deva Premal & Miten’s “Essence” album on a bookstore shelf in Chicago. I listened on repeat for years while the Gayatri Mantra sank deep into my heart.

About 10 years later while touring the US and Canada as a singer-songwriter, I shared the stage with mantra group Shantala one magical night, and the Kirtan flame was fanned again! My inner guidance led me to California where I helped to produce a well-known kirtan and yoga festival and immersed myself deeply into the Los Angeles Kirtan community. I went on to sing and record with mantra artists such as Shantala, C.C. White, Girish, Gina Salā, Charlie Braun, Deepak Ramapriyan, and Porter Singer (aka Sirgun Kaur).

As a Maine-based intuitive sound and energy healer, I help humans, groups and businesses to heal and thrive through mantra music, sound immersion, sound-based workshops and the Live Lighter Sound Sangha. It’s a joy to co-create beautiful goodness as Shanti Kirtan, along with all the wonderful humans who join us in love and song!

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Marni Prince

As a yoga practitioner and instructor, chanting and devotional singing is part of my spiritual practice. I was a shy child and expressing myself did not always come easy, but after the encouragement of a mentor, I started taking singing lessons in Boston where I not only found my voice, but felt called to bring the power of vocal expression to others.

In 2018 I met Helena and after moving to Maine she asked me to co-lead a community Kirtan experience in Portland. After that I was hooked and a few years later Shanti Kirtan was born. In addition to teaching yoga and practicing kirtan, I am an artist and graphic designer living in Yarmouth Maine with my husband and fellow band mate Jason.


Jason Prince

I’ve been a “latent drummer” most of my life, playing actual drums sometimes, but mostly whatever was around me – my school desk, pots and pans, or even my own body. Music has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and I’m always seeking out new bands and genres to explore and incorporate into mixes. Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve gotten more serious about drumming, taking lessons and attending drum circles.

Like my wife Marni, I am also a yoga practitioner and have studied many forms of yoga including Bhakti, where I have been introduced to the healing practices of Kirtan and sound healing. So when the opportunity presented itself to combine two things I am passionate about, yoga and drumming, I was more than excited to join Shanti Kirtan.

When I’m not drumming, I enjoy making mixes, working on graphic design, and taking photos of beautiful Maine scenery. You can find my photography at