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Kirtan FAQs

What Is Kirtan?

In it’s simplest form, Kirtan is a group practice of call and response singing/chanting using mantra, affirmations and various names of the Divine.

How long does a Kirtan event last?

While there is no set limit, most Shanti Kirtan events last 90-120 minutes.

Do I have to be good at music or singing to participate?

Musical training or knowledge is not a requirement for Kirtan. The focus is not on the quality of your singing, but on the quality of your devotion to immersing yourself in the experience.

What is a Mantra?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of two syllables: Man (‘mind’) and tra (‘to free’). Mantra repetition helps to focus, quiet and reorient the mind from material to spiritual consciousness and well being.

What if I don’t know what certain words or mantras mean?

It is not necessarily important for you to understand what a particular mantra means in order for you to experience the benefits of singing/chanting it. At Shanti Kirtan events we provide “chant sheet” handouts which show the various mantras and their meanings. You are welcome to keep your chant sheet after the event for your own personal use/practice/understanding.